Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in Ohio?

A pair of hikers in Ohio claim to have captured some rather fantastic footage of Bigfoot roaming through a forest, but not everyone is convinced that it was a genuine Sasquatch encounter. The alleged incident reportedly took place back on January 12th as the two men were visiting Salt Fork State Park near the village of Lore City. They subsequently uploaded the footage to their YouTube channel, We Do It Outdoors, in early February and it has since gone viral this week.

In the somewhat lengthy video, they explain that they went to the wooded area to fly drones and were surprised when the UAV filmed some bones that appear to have come from a large animal, possibly a deer, as well as "a lot of hair." A subsequent flyover of the area reveals a large, dark mass moving in the forest. Wondering if perhaps they had spotted a legendary Sasquatch-creature that has come to be known in the area colloquially as the Ohio Grassman, the duo returned to the area where the anomaly was spotted in attempt to investigate further.

It is at that point that they captured footage of what seems to be a hairy, bipedal creature walking through the woods. Check out the intriguing footage at the Coast to Coast AM website.