Video: Flat Earther Appears on British Morning Show

In a wildly entertaining segment on a popular British morning show, a prominent Flat Earth researcher from America attempted to convince the incredulous hosts that the much-maligned conspiracy theory is correct. Mark Sargent, star of the Netflix film Behind the Curve, was a guest on Tuesday's edition of This Morning, a national television program in England that boasts an audience of around one million viewers and may best be compared to Live with Kelly and Ryan here in the United States.

During the segment, which lasted a whopping 12 minutes, Sargent explained why he believes the planet is flat and responded to several skeptical questions from hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. When the latter presenter recalled flying in a Concorde jet at a height of 65,000 feet and seeing the curvature of the Earth, the conspiracy theorist countered with the claim that there is weather balloon footage from 120,000 feet and the planet is "tabletop flat."

Check out the complete segment and learn more about this unique appearance on national TV for the Flat Earther at the Coast to Coast AM website.