This Week's Weird News

A French textbook that espoused a conspiracy theory about 9/11, a series of mystery flashes spotted in Ohio, and an unsettling update to the infamous Doomsday Clock were among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this week.

One of this past week's weirder stories occurred in France where a publisher was forced to issue a hasty apology after a teacher found that a history textbook recently released by the company contained a curious conspiracy theory concerning 9/11. In the chapter covering the tragic event, the author declares that the terror attack was "no doubt orchestrated by the CIA." As one can imagine, this did not sit too well with educators in the country and the publisher quickly announced that the statement had somehow been accidentally included in the book and would be excised from future printings.

An unpleasant bit of history was made this past week when the 2020 update for the iconic Doomsday Clock was announced. In a worrisome turn of events, the scientists behind the symbolic measurement of how close we are to annihilation indicated that humanity is now a mere 100 seconds from midnight. The unnerving assessment is the closest the clock has been to doomsday since its inception in 1947 and marked what one scientist warned is "an absolutely unacceptable state of world affairs that has eliminated any margin for error or further delay."

By far the most baffling story of the week came by way of Ohio where a father and daughter were stopped in their tracks while taking out the trash when the spotted an eerie series of flashes that lit up the night sky. The spooky and strangely silent bursts of light left them scratching their heads, which was also the case with numerous other witnesses in the area who frantically phoned the police to report the odd incident. As of now, the case remains unsolved with local authorities unable to offer any answers and all prosaic explanations unable to account for the unnerving event.

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