Democratic Presidential Candidate Amy Klobuchar Discusses UFOs

Amy Klobuchar Campaigns In Iowa After Latest Democratic Presidential Debate

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is the latest 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to address the UFO phenomenon. Her intriguing comments occurred during a recent interview with the New Hampshire newspaper The Conway Daily Sun. The publication may sound familiar to UFO enthusiasts as their reporter Daymond Steer has frequently managed to get politicians campaigning for president in the high-profile primary state to weigh in on the phenomenon.

In this instance, Steer's inquiry arose from an exchange that he had with Klobuchar back in October wherein he asked the senator if she was aware of the testimony of Navy pilot and New Hampshire native David Fravor, made famous in UFO circles thanks to the 'Tic Tac' video. At the time, the presidential hopeful replied, "no, but I’m going to read up on it when I get in the car. I'm actually looking forward to reading about it."

To his credit, Steer followed up on the matter when he and the senator met again this past weekend. Asked if she had, indeed, looked into Fravor's story, Klobuchar responded that "I've read some articles on it. I think we don’t know enough. I don’t know what's happened, not just with that sighting, but with others." The senator went on to say that "I think one of the things a president could do is to look into what's there in terms of what does the science say; what does our military say."

Find out what else the senator had to say about the UFO phenomenon at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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