Odd Ash Mystery Stumps Seattle Woman

A Seattle woman has found herself with a strange mystery on her hands after discovering a box containing what appears to be ashes from a cremation. Sasha Martin reportedly made the odd find last Saturday when she went out to her SUV in the parking garage of her apartment complex and noticed that someone had seemingly carefully placed the object on the hood her vehicle. Bewildered by the weird box, she initially feared that it could be dangerous and then reasoned that perhaps someone had simply misplaced it in a moment of confusion while exiting their vehicle.

Eventually, Martin decided to place the box near the parking space and headed out for the day. However, much to her chagrin, it was still there when she returned. It was at that point that Martin became drawn into the mystery of the box as she posted some pictures of the object on Facebook and was informed that it appeared to be a container for an urn. In light of this unsettling insight, she felt compelled to retrieve the box from the parking garage, lest someone's final remains wind up in the garbage.

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