Video: Thousands of Dead Fish Fill Harbor in Germany

Officials in Germany are attempting to get to the bottom of a weird incident in which thousands of dead fish washed up in a town's harbor. The strange event reportedly occurred in the community of Wolgast last week as residents woke up to discover the macabre collection of dead sea creatures floating on the water. All told, the blanket of dead fish covered a whopping 1,600 square feet.

In perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the case, authorities noted that many of the fish appeared to have had their heads cut off and their bladders removed in an almost mechanical fashion. This has led some imaginative observers to speculate that the creatures could have fallen victim to some kind of paranormal event akin to the cattle mutilation phenomenon. While that seems a bit doubtful, officials in the town have yet to offer any possible explanation for the inexplicable event.

Check out video of the grisly scene at the Coast to Coast AM website .