Politician Ponders Whether or Not the Earth is Really Round

A politician in Canada raised eyebrows this week after she seemingly expressed support for the Flat Earth theory. Nathalie Lemieux, who serves on the city council in Gatineau, Quebec, reportedly made the comments two weeks ago on her Facebook page in response to a news story about YouTube downplaying conspiracy theory videos, including those concerning the Flat Earth theory. It would appear that the website's decision raised the politician's ire as she posted a rather odd rebuttal to this development.

"Who decided that the Earth is round," she mused, "and why should we believe it?" Lemieux went on to advise her followers to ask themselves "why now that people realize that it is possible that the Earth is flat [do] they want to hide the explanations that prove it?" The city councilor continued with this line of thought by pondering "how much money is diverted to NASA," presumably in an effort to keep the truth about the Flat Earth hidden from the people.

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