Australian Woman Recalls Chilling Encounter with an Agitated Yowie

A woman in Australia has come forward with a truly terrifying tale of encountering an agitated Yowie that, she claims, violently shoved her down a hill! The unnamed witness recounted the experience to Dean Harrison of the group Australian Yowie Research, which collects reports from individuals who believe they have seen the proverbial Bigfoot of Down Under. According to the woman, the chilling incident occurred in 1990, but "it stayed with me every day" since it happened.

Revisiting the event, the witness said that it took place when she was hiking along a hillside trail in the town of Woree. During her excursion, she said, a man was also walking at the location a few paces ahead of her. As she came to a point where the path diverged into two trails, she looked up and spotted "this hairy man or whatever the heck it was" looking down as if it were watching the man who had just crossed its field of vision.

Unfortunately for the woman, the Yowie then noticed her and, seemingly taken by surprise, suddenly stood up from a crouched position, "looked straight at me and glared at me." She noted that it sported massive limbs and sported hair all over its body except for its face and some of its chest. "It looked so much like a person," she remembered, that she wondered to herself, "why is someone up here in a gorilla suit?"

The brief moment of bewilderment was quickly shattered when the creature clenched its fists, let out a menacing roar, and charged at her! Find out what happened next at the Coast to Coast AM website .