Watch: Ghost Smashes Vinyl Record at Haunted Asylum?

A group of ghost hunters exploring a purportedly haunted asylum in Michigan got quite the fright when an unseen force seemingly smashed a vinyl record and sent them scurrying out of the building. The unnerving incident occurred while members of the organization Detroit Paranormal Expeditions were conducting an investigation at the Eloise Psychiatric Hospital in the city of Westland. The disused building has a long history of paranormal phenomena attached to it and even inspired a 2017 horror film.

These frequent reports of ghostly activity are what drew the paranormal investigators to the site and they reportedly spent several months at the former psychiatric hospital conducting investigations. Last week, the group released a particularly chilling piece of footage which apparently put an end to that night's exploration of the unsettling asylum. The video begins with a psychic medium named Brandy Marie and another member of the group discussing how she had felt the presence of a spirit during a 'Geobox' session that had taken place moments earlier.

At one point in the scene, the duo appear to be debating which direction they should head in next when a thundering crash can be heard and the pair understandably react with considerable terror. The commotion was enough for Marie to declare, presumably to the spirits in the building, that "we're going." As they walk a few steps toward the exit, they are stunned to see a smashed vinyl record on the floor.

Check out the eerie video at the Coast to Coast AM website .