Creepy Clown Reports on the Rise

This month has seen an unsettling increase in creepy clown reports,  specifically in England, and it seems that the haunting harlequins are  becoming particularly brazen. Following the report of a knife-wielding clown menacing some kids a few weeks ago, we wondered if perhaps the eerie  phenomenon was set to make a comeback. Based on recent events in the UK  and elsewhere, it appears that our concerns were well founded.

Last week, a pair of teens in the English town of Sittingbourne claimed that they were chased by a clown brandishing a baseball bat. According to a local media report, the  nefarious individual went all-out with his regalia as he not only donned  the now-standard creepy mask, but also a red wig and "a clown top." As  often happens with such cases, the clown eventually gave up on his chase  and the kids reported the encounter to police, who were unable to find  any trace of the ne'er-do-well when they arrived.

On the heels of that incident came an even more unnerving report from  the English village of North Benfleet this week when a resident took to  social media to warn her community about a rather chilling clown encounter.  In this instance, a woman was reportedly sitting in her car at a red  light when another vehicle pulled up close behind her. Suddenly, she was  shocked to see a clown emerge from the other car, stalk towards her  vehicle, and, begin banging on her windows as well as attempting to get  inside. Fortunately, the doors of the car were locked and so the driver  managed to escape the terrifying scene.

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