Video: Mysterious Burning Hole Found in Arkansas

A strange mystery has gripped a town in Arkansas after a resident  discovered a flaming hole near his property and no one seems to know  what created it. The fiery chasm was reportedly spotted by the man on Monday afternoon in the town of Midway. No doubt  concerned by what he was seeing, the witness called the local fire  department, who dispatched a team to investigate the situation.

Upon arriving at the scene, fire chief Donald Tucker observed that,  indeed, "there were flames 8 or 9 feet high shooting out of a hole about  2 feet in diameter." According to the bewildered official, the odd  inferno lasted for about 45 minutes before it finally extinguished on  its own. But that was only the beginning of the mystery as determining  what caused the weird incident has proven to be rather difficult. 

An examination of the hole revealed that it measured around three feet  deep and took an inexplicable 45-degree turn at the bottom. Perhaps even  more perplexing is that after the fire had gone out, Tucker took a  reading of the temperature inside the hole and it registered a whopping  780 degrees. An investigation of the area surrounding the site found  that there were no natural gas lines which could have accounted for the  weird event and utility companies in the area said that it had nothing  to do with them.

Find out some of the theories for the source of the hole and why even those do not seem to fully explain the mystery at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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