Odd Ad Lists 'Psychic' Cat for Sale

If you've ever wanted to own a clairvoyant creature, you may be in luck  thanks to a bizarre ad selling a psychic cat on the Russian equivalent  of Craigslist. The strange listing appeared over the weekend on the website Avito and initially, with the simple title of 'selling a  British cat', did not stand out among the other feline companion  offerings. However, the price tag for this particular animal caught the  attention of users as its owner, known only as Vladimir, was asking for a  whopping 5 million Russian rubles, which loosely equates to an  astounding $75,000 American dollars.

The reason for the cat's astronomical cost, he explained, is that the  cat possesses an array of magic powers. Chiefly among them, Vladimir  claimed, is that it "sees ghosts and spirits" and, as such, it can  determine their presence in your home, regardless of whether the  apparitions are good or evil. Although the ad's translation to English  may not be exact, the final line of the listing is rather worrisome as  he cautions, "you need to deal with it, you need good hands."

To our everlasting appreciation, some Russian media outlets managed to track down Vladimir and reported some additional details about Sibgeo the psychic cat which you can learn at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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