Underground Liquid 'Lake' Discovered on Mars

In what may be a monumental step towards finding life on Mars,  astronomers say that they have spotted a large reservoir of liquid water  beneath the surface of the Red Planet. The landmark discovery was made  by a team of researchers at the Italian Space Agency who announced their  findings at a press conference today. The proverbial 'lake,' which measures 12  miles long and at least three feet deep, is buried beneath a  one-mile-thick layer of ice at the Martian south pole.

Astronomers were able to find the lake by using an instrument known as  the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS)  which is part of the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter. Over  the course of three years, researchers probed the south pole of the  planet using the radar and were ultimately able to discern a unique area  which bore an uncanny resemblance to subsurface lakes found here on  Earth. Although scientists cautioned that the results of the study need  to be confirmed, the team behind the study expressed certainty about  their conclusions. "Water is there. We have no more doubt," declared one of the researchers at Wednesday's press conference.

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