In Coast You Missed It 6/1/18

This past week was packed with fascinating topics discussed on Coast to  Coast AM, including the fight for UFO disclosure and tales of Nessie on  land, as well as strange and unusual stories featured here at the C2C  website, like the 'weeping' Virgin Mary statue of New Mexico and the  psychic who claims she can smell death. Check out weekly round-up of C2C  highlights ... In Coast You Missed It.

Stephen Bassett, a tireless advocate for UFO disclosure,  discussed how 2018 has been a particularly promising year when it comes  to ending what he sees as a government-imposed embargo on the truth  about the phenomenon. Dismissing SETI programs as merely a public  relations effort rather than a genuine scientific endeavor, Bassett was  highly enthusiastic about the work being done by the To The Stars  Academy group. To that end, he marveled that the organization's  accomplishments so far constitute "probably the most amazing development  in the history of the truth embargo since Roswell."

On a related note, news emerged during the week of a bombshell report by the military concerning the now-infamous 2004 Nimitz 'Tic Tac' UFO  encounter by US Navy pilots which received considerable attention after  being publicized in late 2017 alongside the Pentagon UFO program  revelations. Obtained by KLAS investigative reporter and C2C host George  Knapp, the 13-page document contained some remarkable insights into  what we now know were a series of sightings. One truly jaw-dropping  detail about the incident contained in the report is that it also  featured what appears to have been a rather massive unidentified  submerged object!

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