Experts Argue MH370 Pilot Downed Plane on Purpose

A panel of aviation experts gathered together for an Australian TV show believe that they have found an answer to one of the most baffling questions surrounding the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 mystery. As part of a special for the program 60 Minutes Australia, group of specialists from different countries around the world put forward the compelling argument that the disappearance of MH370 was not simply an accident and, in fact, was the result of something far more sinister. According to the analysis of the experts, the infamous airliner was most likely deliberately brought down by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who was the pilot of the craft.  

There appear to be two key factors in the flight record from MH370 that led them to this somewhat sensational conclusion. First, they point to the airliner crossing back and forth between the airspace of Malaysia and Thailand. This, the panel contends, appears to have been intentionally done in order to fly under the proverbial radar of those tasked with keeping an eye on the skies for their respective country. A seasoned pilot such as Shah, they noted, would both be cognizant of this clandestine method for flying as well as able to pull it off. 

More on this compelling story, including the complete Australian TV special, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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