In Coast You Missed It 3/30/18

From a Flat Earth fan's homemade rocket finally taking flight to an  astounding spate of cattle disappearances that have left ranchers  fearing for the worst, C2C featured a number of truly amazing and  mystifying stories and programs over the past week. Take a dive into our  weekly showcase of some of the highlights ... In Coast You Missed It.

By far the biggest story of the week was the revelation that two different pilots spotted a UFO while they were flying over the state of Arizona last month. Thanks to  riveting audio of their conversations with air traffic controllers, this  amazing incident quickly burst onto the radar of the mainstream media  in what seems to be further evidence that we may be in the midst of a  UFO renaissance when it comes to how the subject is being seen by the  public.

To that end, this past week on Coast, a trio of guests discussed the  phenomenon from a number of unique and fascinating angles. On Sunday night's program, author Bill Birnes recounted instances presidents seemingly crossed paths with the UFOs. This was followed on Tuesday by writer Greg Bishop talking about classic UFO cases such as the  infamous Pascagoula incident of 1973. And, finally, ET contactee Wilbur  Allen detailed his research into spatial anomalies or portals opening in  Earth's atmosphere on Wednesday.

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Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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