Two Separate Pilots Report Odd UFO Over Arizona

An intriguing incident over Arizona last month saw two separate pilots  in different aircraft report seeing what can only be called a UFO.

The odd event took place on February 24th and has begun making news  thanks to remarkable recordings of the conversations between the pilots  and the FAA during the encounter.

The strangeness started with the pilot of a Lear jet asking the air  traffic controller if something had just passed over his aircraft "about  thirty seconds ago."

Despite being told that they hadn't seen anything on radar, the pilot  replies that "something did" and a second voice jokingly says, "a UFO"  to which the pilot laughs.

Things get truly tantalizing when the FAA proceeds to contact a nearby  American Airlines pilot to find out if they see anything similar and they also encounter the UFO!

More on this amazing story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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