Eerie Army of Snowmen Honor Fallen Friend

The fiendish destruction of a snowwoman in an English town inspired its creators to respond by building a small army.

Now known as 'Brenda,' the original creation was the work of a woman  named Rachael Bell, who crafted the snow sculpture with her sister Alyx  near a bus stop in the English town of Gateshead.

However, the sisters were stunned when they later learned that Brenda,  who was outfitted with a sharp-looking scarf and a shopping bag, had  been destroyed by some ne'er-do-well.

Annoyed by the unnecessary act of aggression against Brenda, Rachael and Alyx came up with a pretty clever answer.

"We decided to go back and build lots more snowmen ," Rachael told The  Chronicle, "we thought, let’s see if he can find a sledge big enough to  drag away all these."

More on this amusing story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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