Conspiracy Theory Claims Hawking is an Imposter

An odd conspiracy theory circulating online could rival that of the Flat Earth when it comes to sheer outrageousness.

Those who ascribe to this head-scratching concept say that renowned  astrophysicist Stephen Hawking actually died decades ago and was  replaced by an imposter.

Conspiracy theorists point to a litany of alleged clues gleaned from  studying photographs of the famed scientist over the years as well as  aspects about his life that, to them, just don't make sense, such as his  remarkably long lifespan for someone diagnosed with ALS in the 1960's.

To that end, they argue that he actually passed away in 1985, when  Hawking is known to have fallen gravely ill, and the proverbial 'role'  of the astrophysicist has been played by someone else ever since.

Considering that the 'evidence' offered up by researchers is tenuous at  best, it would seem that the crux of the conspiracy theory is really the  hypothetical motivation for such a scheme orchestrated by the 'powers  that be.'

Find out more about this truly strange conspiracy theory at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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