Video: Frozen Bigfoot Head Unveiled?

A man who claims that his father killed and subsequently froze a Bigfoot  back in 1953 has unveiled what he says is the head of the famed  cryptid.

Dog trainer Peter Caine made waves at the beginning of 2017 when he  showed the world a massive foot that allegedly came from the  aforementioned Sasquatch.

And now, as the year comes to a close, he has revealed yet another purported piece of the creature: its frozen head.

The large, hairy, frost-covered object sports a pair of teeth which  almost appear to be smiling in a video created by Caine this week.

At times quite gruesome, the footage features Caine zooming in on the  possible Bigfoot head and poking at it with his fingers, perhaps to  'prove' that it is not some kind of fake.

To that end, he declared to viewers "not everything's a joke. Yeah, I do joke around, but this is not a joke. This is real."

Decide for yourself if this is the case by checking out the video at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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