Promising New Exoplanet Found

Astronomers have announced the discovery of a tantalizing exoplanet that  is relatively close to the Earth and appears to possess the ideal  conditions to support life.

The newfound world, which has been given the unimaginative moniker 'Ross  128 b,' sits a mere 11 light-years away, making it the closest  potentially hospitable exoplanet yet to be found.

What makes Ross 128 b particularly intriguing to scientists is that it  orbits a fairly dim star and, therefore, it is not subjected to harsh  radiation that would render life impossible.

Additionally, the exoplanet looks to be similar in mass to the Earth,  indicating that it probably has a rocky composition believed to be  necessary for the emergence of organisms.

However, questions remain as to whether Ross 128 b could be 'the one' we've been looking for. Find out more at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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