15 Fast Radio Bursts Detected from Deep Space!

The enigmatic space phenomenon known as 'Fast Radio Bursts' may be  closer to being solved as astronomers recently detected a whopping 15 of  the pulses emanating from one specific galaxy.

Researchers at the ET-hunting initiative dubbed 'Breakthrough Listen'  pointed their telescope towards an area of deep space known for repeating FRBs and were amazed by what they found.

Over the course of only five hours of observation, the team detected 15  of the bursts coming from the dwarf galaxy which is 3 billion light  years away and that had previously produced repeating FRBs.

As only a relative handful of the pulses have been spotted in the decade  since they were first discovered, astronomers say that data from the  new slew of FRBs could go a long way towards determining what causes  them.

More on this potentially groundbreaking development at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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