Bermuda Triangle 'Solution' Sinks

For some strange reason, an Australian scientist is making headlines for  purportedly solving the Bermuda Triangle mystery by rehashing  decades-old explanations already offered by skeptics.

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, a popular television personality somewhat akin to  Bill Nye in America, likely didn't expect to stir such furor when he  pontificated about the infamous esoteric enigma in a recent interview.

Asked what may be behind the many ships and planes which purportedly  vanish in the Triangle, Kruszelnicki simply dismissed the mystery out of  hand.

The scientist noted that such disappearances are in keeping with  statistical norms, especially since the area has heavy traffic due to  its proximity to America as well as the equator.

While Kruszelnicki's reasoning may hold water, it's being seen as old news to Triangle enthusiasts who are left to wondering why an explanation from the 1970's is suddenly being brought back to the surface of discussion.

More on this head-scratching story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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