Some Ways to Honor a Father Who's Passed

Father's Day today... For those whose fathers have passed on. I see/feel you.❤️

My father passed when I was 24-years-old and I am so incredibly thankful for all the years I had with him. I could write gratefully and endlessly about the lessons and gifts he provided me during his life and through his passing.

I'm in good company with many of you.. How can we celebrate today when dad is no longer around? There are some ways :-)

Today I'd like to share just a few ideas in hopes that you may experience some very special moments of remembrance of your dad.

These ideas come from KSAT.COM and you can find more from them here!

My your heart be opened with deep love and unending gratitude for your father, today and always.❤️

1). Donate or volunteer time to his favorite charity.

2). Engage in an activity you often did together.

3). Go to a place you often visited together.

4). Enjoy his favorite food or beverage.

5). Create a memorial.

There are many more ways to honor dad of course. Those are just a few starter ideas for you today..

Much Love Today and Always,


Photo credit: Getty Images

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