Ashley Graham's Secret To Marriage Happiness

Ever wonder how some couples are still extremely connected and happy after years and years of marriage? Plus-size model, Ashley Graham is sharing her secrets on how she keeps her marriage healthy and connected even after years of being together. 

Ashley says the secret to a healthy, happy marriage - sex! And a lot of it. She told MAXIM, "Even if you don’t feel like it, just have sex.” 

She continued to tell the interviewer, “I have found that if we haven’t had sex, we get snippy, and then if we are having sex, we’re all over each other. For us it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s have sex.’ And then we’re just right back in a great mood.”

Ashley might seriously be onto something, the Psychological Science journal did a study that also revealed couples who get it on, on the daily associated their partner with more positive traits and felt more happiness and fulfillment towards them. 

Long story short, Ashley Graham has it figured out when it comes to getting it on with your man. Have more sex, be happier. The end. 

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