Elderly dog gets mobile bed so it can still take family vacations

Pet owners know, when your dog gets too old you will do just about anything to help them stay comfortable. When Tom and Lauren Antonino's beloved retriever stopped being able to walk, they got creative.

"Cocoa had not walked since last August, but she was not in pain," Lauren said according to Fox 5 Atlanta . "It was Tom's idea to buy a wide-body mechanic's creeper (kind of like the thing mechanics use to slide underneath cars) to help move her. I was going to be taking care of her at that time by myself while he was out of town and I could not carry her like he could. We then bought an Orvis dog bed that we put on top of the creeper and we were mobile."

Carrie Copenhaver came upon the family while they were visiting Virginia Beach last month and share the story via Facebook.