Fraud Alert! National Police Support Fund

The first rule for anyone should be do not ever give out your credit card info over the phone to an unsolicited caller! Time and time again we hear about people losing thousands of dollars to phone scams.

Recently I received a call from a number I didn't recognize from the area code I used to live in. I was expecting a call from a friend in that area, so I assumed it was her work number that was not in my phone and I answered. A very authoritative sounding man told me he was with the police department in that town and he was collecting donations for the National Police Support Fund. I had an hour in traffic to kill, so I bit.

I told him I would be happy to donate and he thanked me and said he would transfer me to someone who would take my info. I was quickly greeted by someone who barely spoke English asking for the name on my credit card. I explained I was driving and he would just have to send me a donation form. He argued for a few minutes why credit card was best for me and them and when I stood firm, he relented and got my address.( Don't worry - I gave them my work address.)

Three days later I got another call from the same area code but a different number. Same guy. When I pointed out he had already called and the donation form was on the way to me, he began to argue with me and then haggled the donation amount down! He started by asking for $35 and backed it down until he said "How about just $10?" At that point I hung up.

It only took a quick internet search to find that this phone call and most like them are a fraud. The National Police Support Fund has a website and even a Facebook page to make them look legit, but hundreds of articles pop up from sources like the Better Business Bureau, The National Police Foundation and more warning people NOT to donate to this organization.

Our Police, Firefighters, and all First Responders do need our support. Just make sure that your hard earned dollars are truly going to help them!

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