12 Habits Of Genuine People - How Many of These Do You Have?

There’s an enormous amount of research suggesting that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical to your performance at work. TalentSmart has tested the EQ of more than a million people and found that it explains 58% of success in all types of jobs. (Huffington Post)

Here are the key attributes of genuine people. Let's see how we stack up...

1. Genuine people don’t try to make people like them.

2. They don’t pass judgment.

3. They forge their own paths.

4. They are generous.

5. They treat EVERYONE with respect.

6. They aren’t motivated by material things.

7. They are trustworthy.

8. They are thick-skinned.

9. They put away their phones.

10. They aren’t driven by ego.

11. They aren’t hypocrites.

12. They don’t brag. 

Now THAT'S a list to aspire to! Click here to get more details. 

Huffington Post

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Amy James


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