DJ and production duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, collectively known as The Chainsmokers, cited one of the biggest phenomenons of the digital age for their single "#Selfie" and instantaneously achieved overnight stardom.

After capturing the world's attention with their comical approach to electronic dance music, they later released their dose-of-confidence track "Kanye" featuring SirenXX. Now, The Chainsmokers have put their Bouquet EP out into the universe, which is powered by their chart-climbing single "Roses."

Despite their Top 40 success, the pair are still producing music in the imaginative vein of "#Selfie." When Taggart and Pall heard of Sir Elton John's freestyle rendition of the L.A. Rams' 1986 anthem "Let's Ram It," they decided tweak the song with nonsensical lyrics and club-ready beats.

"We heard Elton John did one, so we got to one-up this guy," they told On Air with Ryan Seacrest in-studio Friday morning. "Whoever this guy is."

Check out their spontaneous rendition of "Ram It" in the player above. You can purchase their Bouquet EP on iTunes here.