Photo: Getty Images

By Marc Inocencio

 Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez scored her first Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Comedy and delivered an endearing acceptance speech that brought viewers, as well as herself, to tears.

“Thank you god for making me an artist,” she began said. "This award is so much more than myself. It represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes."

This Sunday at the 2016 Golden Globes, Rodriguez in on track to repeat history as she enters the ceremony with the same nomination. On Tuesday, she phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to summarize the casts' collective reaction to the recognition.

"We just feel super blessed that they continue to recognize the show," she says. "It's pretty awesome. I'm surprisingly really nervous! I don't know why."

When Ryan tells her it's impossible to top last year's speech, Rodriguez jokes, "You underestimate my ability to make you cry again."