Photo: Getty Images

By Marc Inocencio

Actress Natalie Dormer stars in the new supernatural horror film The Forest, a movie that was inspired by the real-life events that happen at the Aokigahara forest.

Located at the northwest base of Japan's Mount Fuji, the forest has become a popular final destination for people who wish to take their own lives. Most of the film was shot in Serbia, but Dormer still paid a visit to the actual Aokigahara and lived to tell On Air with Ryan Seacrest the tale.

"The only thing that kind of makes you aware that it's different -- you see it in the movie -- there are these signs along the pathway," says Dormer, who also describes the forest as a pleasant place with singing birds and families on hikes.

The Mockingjay actress continues to go into details about the ropes that block the density of the forest and signs along the track, with some reading, "If you're thinking of hurting yourself, call this help line."

"You feel compassionate and a bit philosophical about it," she says. "It's such a beautiful place where people go off to make this choice."

The Forest, also starring Taylor Kinney, is in theaters today.