This week for #MaxwellApproved, we are bringing you the perfect addition to any summer party - the Two Fisted Drinker! This AMAZING mug fits two beers (or up to 32 oz. of any other liquid) and you will NEVER SPILL thanks to the amazing design. The liquid goes back and forth between the two sides so you can finish your drink without refilling for a bit. You can get these mugs here for $19.99, and it comes in clear, blue, and red!

What's awesome about this product is the story behind it. Mike Bolland, president of the company, was born with only one hand, but always wanted to be a two-fisted drinker. So he invented a mug that could hold two beers with a handle in the middle so it was easier to use!! Mike is also a professional bowler and had was in a movie - dude is AWESOME. We LOVE this story, Mike, and these mugs! 

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