About My Favorites Radio

What is My Favorites Radio?

It's a single station unique to you that constantly evolves with your live and custom listening across iHeartRadio. It contains songs you've thumbed up, artists you've favorited, and artists/tracks you've created stations on. The more you interact with iHeartRadio, the better My  Favorites Radio will get.

Register and create your own personalized radio station today with My Favorites Radio:


How it Works

Listen across iHeartRadio stations and thumb up songs to refresh your My Favorites Radio station with new tracks, updated daily. As My Favorites Radio learns more about your music taste, it'll add bonus tracks to keep things fresh and interesting -- couldn't be easier to discover your next favorite song!

"I love my @iHeartRadio Favorites Radio.
Every song is my song!!! #PurePerfection"
-Andrea Beasley (@andreabeasley25)

New User? No Problem!

Your station will start out comprised of music focused on the format or genre of your initially created stations.

You can name your station whatever you want when you first play it, and if you change your mind later, just visit the station page on iHeartRadio.com to rename.

Where Can You Listen?


Once registered, you can listen on the iHeartRadio.com website, Android devices, and iPhone. Find your station on the For You screen to start, then revisit it often within My Stations.


Thumbs Up!

The songs that you thumb up are a big part of your Favorites mix, prioritizing recent thumbs over the older ones.

If you barely ever thumb up, you'll hear a mix of artists whose stations you've listened to and artists similar to them.

Don't like a track? No problem. Songs can be removed from your station with an easy thumb down.



Yay for being eclectic! Your Favorites station may have moments where Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" transitions to Metallica's "Master of Puppets." That's part of the fun!

Share Your Favorites

Share away for all to see and enjoy, being sure to also check out your friends' stations to hear what they've been jamming to lately.

But remember, your thumbs won't affect the playback experience on a friend's station – sorry, but it's their station to tune and share, so if you don't like a song, you'll have to bring it up with them.



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