Sofia Carson

During the 2016 iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party in Miami (May 21st), while the lineup of talented artists were doing their thing onstage, a few of the special guest celebs were riding around on motorized coolers inside the Fontainebleau -- including Sofia Carson. And she rode the cooler side saddle style like true Disney royalty. 

Many of the stars riding the motorized coolers got really competitive as they tried to beat each other's times. Sofia was determined to be the fastest, but because she was wearing a dress, she had no choice but to sit side saddle style. 

The Evil Queen would be proud, Evie. 

And it looks like her tactic for riding the cooler worked because she beat, and called out, Joe Jonas on his time. She was faster by .1 seconds. Love Is The Name? More like Speed Is The Name. On a motorized cooler. 

If you missed out on the action, tune into the CW on June 1 for a special broadcast of iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party, airing on June 1st at 8pm ET/PT. Click here for more updates on the show!

Photo: Getty Images