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In true Puff Daddy fashion, the Bad Boy made a movie out of our iHeartRadio Music Festival stage on Saturday (September 19).

But! He didn't go at it alone, he brought along practically a tour bus of celeb friends to help him handle business.

We got one EPIC opening to Puff's performance, there was fireworks, smoke, lights and a huge Bad Boy Entertainment logo.

gif diddy explosive entrance

But that was nothing compared to what came next, one perfectly put together group of celebrity guests:

We first got Masewho came through to perform his Bad Boy classic 'Feel So Good,' dressed in red and black with matching back-up dancers and Diddy as his hype man. That quickly transitioned to Diddy's 'Been Around The World' which the Hip Hop mogul also performed with Mase before going on to a solo of his 'Bad Boy For Life.'

gif mase comes out 

And then Busta Rhymes pretty much well, BUSTED on the stage to rap about sipping on that brown liquor with 'Pass The Courvoisier' before taking us back to 1997 with 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.'  While we were expecting Busta to kill them rhymes, it was his dance moves that had us all the way sold.

gif busta shimmy

puff busta

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Music newcomer and Diddy artist, Machine Gun Kelly, joined his mentor on stage to give us some new school vibes and even handled some verses off a Diddy track.


Photo: Greg Noire for iHeartRadio

All hail the Queen B!! Lil' Kim strutted out to help Diddy RIP that stage down with 'All About The Benjamins,' killing the classic joint which originally featured The LOX and the late, Notorious B.I.G.

gif lil kim getting it

Mase got himself another featured spot on that iHeartRadio Music Festival stage for a mini B.I.G. tribute set to the '90s classic, 'Mo Money Mo Problems.'


Photo: Greg Noire for iHeartRadio

To close things out, Tori Kelly took her turn on stage to help Diddy end his set out with the emotional Dirty Money track, 'Coming Home.'  Tori's vocals easily gave the entire arena the goose bumps as she hit some notes that challenged the legendary Mariah Carey.

gif diddy and tori kelly hands bobbing


Photo: Andrew Swartz for iHeartRadio